Our Service


(All of our spa packages include complimentary shoulders hydration and relaxation)
Classic Spa Pedicure $24 


Introducing our spa service with shaping & buffing, cuticle grooming, lower leg massage, wrapping with a towel and finalize with regular polish.

Signature Spa Pedicure $31 


Includes Classic Spa Pedicure plus sugar scrubs, callus remove, collagen sock, and hot oil massage.

Supper Callus Treatment $38 


Are you concern on your tired, cracked and thick callus feet Our #1 Sole Feet Solution Treatment used from Central America for persistent dryness and cracking or red skin on heels, toes, and soles. The solution will also help your feet to restore moisturization. Using along with Ice Dancer Massage Gel gives your legs instant relief muscle ache, stress, and joint pain. This spa package also comes with paraffin wax produces natural moist leaving your feet fresh and glowing skin.

Organic Bomb Spa Pedicure $40 


We will be using our All-In-One Organic Package includes collagen mask, sugar scrubs, and massage lotion with all-natural will helps to remove toxins, impurities and harmful substances with your skin. This spa pedicure also comes with hot paraffin wax, hot stones massage.

Jelly Spa Pedicure $50 


This is a truly upgraded spa experience, jelly helps to exfoliate as well as to hydrate dry skin. On top of this, our technicians will also maximize extra massage times to relieve stress and aching muscles to our customers.

In this package includes:

Jelly Soaks package

All-In-One organic safe skincare package.

Volcano Spa Pedicure $55 


Indulge yourself with our top luxurious spa experience of the bubbles volcano eruptions. This is a single-used spa pedicure treatments, which will help to detox, exfoliate, and rejuvenate your skin.

This package includes:

Organic Bomb Spa Pedicure Volcano packages of your choice of scents:

• Tropical • Citrus • Orange


Signature Manicure $18 

• Shaping • Cuticle grooming

• Regular polish • Collagen gloves

Pleasure Gel Manicure $35 

Includes Regular Manicure plus:

• Hot paraffin wax or mask or sugar scrubs 

• Hot moisturizing oil massage

• Hot towel wraps • Collagen polish • Collagen gloves


Jelly Soak $10 
Callus Remove Treatment $7 
Callus/ Cracked Sole Feet Solution $15 
Hot Paraffin Wax $5 
Hot Stone Massage $5 
Hot Oil Massage $5 
Foot Mask $5 
Sugar Scrubs $5 
Sea Salt $5 
Acrylic On Toes $5 +
Gel Take Off $5 
Regular Polish Change on Hand/ Toes $14 
Add On Gel Polish $10 
Gel Polish Change On Hands/ Toes $16 
French Design $5 


(10 years old under)
Pedicure $15 
Manicure $10 
Polish On Hands $5 
Polish On Toes $5 
Gel Polish On Hands/ Feet $12 

(All kids services includes basic flower designs)

10-12 YEARS OF AGE***Equivalent to adult pricing chart with additional basic flower designs.


Full Sets

(All Include Organic Powder)
Full Set $28 
Full Set Gel Polish $38 
White Tips $33 
Color Tips Set $40 
Pink and White $45 
Ombre Full Set $45 
Flare Tips $43 
Flare Pink and White $50 
Glitter Color Powder $45 
Pre-designed Gel Tips $40 


Fill-Ins $20 
Fill-Ins w/ Color Gel $30 
Fill-Ins w/ Pink Powder $23 
Back Fill Pink and White $40 

Healthy SNS/ KIARA Sky Dip Powder

SNS Overlay $40 
SNS with Extensions $43 
SNS with Cuticle Cleaned $45 
SNS Fill-Ins $38 


Gel Polish Change On Natural Nails $16 
Gel Polish Change On Acrylic $18 
Clear Gel $5 
French Designs $5 
Nail Art $5 +
3D Designs $8 +
Nails Removal $10 
Add On Gel Polish $10 
Gel Polish Removal $5 
Nails Shapes $5 

(Stiletto/ Almond/ Coffin/ Flare)

Shine Buffing $5 
Pink Powder $5 
Cut Down $3 +
Cut Down with Reshapes $5 
Long Nails Lengths $3 +
Nail Repairs $3 +
Nails Repairs with Gel/ Lengths/ Shapes $5 +
Regular Polish Change $14 
Regular French Polish Change $18 
Cuticle Trimming $5 


Eyebrows $10 
Lip $5 
Chin $10 
Brows + Lip + Chin $20 
Sideburns $10 
Forehead $10 
Full Face $35 
Neck $15 +
Half Arms $25 
Full Arms $40 
Under Arms $15 
Half Legs $35 
Full Legs $45 +
Chest $45 +
Full Back $50 +
Bikini Lines $25 
Brazilian $45 +


Guaranteed on Safe & Waterproof eyelashes adherence with instructions)
Synthetic Flare Individual Extensions $35 +
Silk 3D/ 5D/ 7D Extensions $65 +
Eyelashes Fill-Ins $15 +